The future
of ecommerce tools for social enterprises
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In MaartLAB we invent and create a new marketplace for the future.

Our mission is to support and develop social entrepreneurship. We believe that by using the tools of digital technologies we can significantly contribute to the growth of our clients. Our solutions are innovative because they combine business, technology and social activities in a unique way. By combining these areas, we also influence real activities and promote sustainable development.



Desktop and mobile sales platform. Full responsiveness and accessibility.


The use of augmented and virtual reality in the presentation of services and products.

Artificial intelligence

The use of AI in sales processes, automation and advanced analytics.

Common offers

360 services offered in combined offers.


Automation of accounting and warehouse processes.


Customized tooling and panel services.
Time saving
We take care of the preparation of materials, taking care of the presentation of the product or service and all marketing activities.

Verified leads

We will take care of an optimally run campaign and precise goals that will minimize accidental users.

Fast sales process

Full automation of processes and professionalization of materials with the use of AR, VR and AI will encourage and minimize the decision-making time for the client.


Damian Wojciech Dudała

  • CEO / CTO / initiator
  • Social Research / UX / UI / AI


  • Business Development
  • Sales Strategy


  • CFO
  • Administration


+48 605697839

Aleksandra Kotsisa 35
51-638 Wroclaw
Lower Silesia Region Poland
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